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Sonoff switch, switching off as soon as i switch it on.

I have quite a few sonoff devices, and suddenly today an issue started with 4 of my switches (Note that I have 7 of the sonoff basic switches, among others, but only 4 of them started doing this today). When I switch on the switch, either manually or from the app, it switches on and immediately switches itself off. It won't stay on. I checked my scenes, and deleted them all just I'm case they were the cause and tested again. Same problem persisted. I then checked ifttt and deleted all my ifttt scenes and tested again, and the problem persisted. I then tried pairing them again. And the problem persisted. I'm now out of ideas. Is this a firmware issue? Since 4 switches started doing this at exactly the same time? Thanks

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I have the exact same problem. Mine was working fine, and one fine day, it started doing this. I can see the output flick for a brief moment (< 1 sec) and turn off. In the history, it says device turned it off. Initially, I thought that the capacitor went bad and so it is not holding. But on inspection of the board and components, all seam to be good.

Did you find what was / is the cause for your problem?

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I had a similar problem, but I caused it by fiddling with settings and forgetting that I had done as such.

There is a setting in the eWelink application that allows the switch to be used in "Inching mode", in other words, when set and a button is pressed, the power will only briefly switch on then straight off.

No problems now as I have flashed my Sonoff Basic with Tasmota, which in my personal opinion is better than the eWelink application, especially as Tasmota is not calling home to China every time I press a button.

Thanks for the response Marca. I am an electronic student but very new to this PCB soldering and stuff. I did solder few things but not so small on PCBs. So with that background, can you give me some direction on what all I need to do to flash my Sonoff basic. I was looking at buying the “Generic Uno R3 ATmega328P”. Any tips / suggestions / directions is greatly appreciated. And will really help me. Thanks, Bangaru.

Google is your best friend in this situation. There are dozens of videos found on youtube covering the process, which seems a little daunting at first, plus I am not really prepared to discuss flashing other software on this forum. Look out for Dr Zzs videos, this is where I got my info from; - WARNING: by flashing Tasmota, you cannot control your device over the internet like you can with eWelink, but only works as a local WLAN. The internet really is crammed with information about Tasmota software.

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