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Homebridge Pre-order

A few days ago I came across the ITEAD website with the pre-order of Homebridge, which would support and connect to Siri from Aplple, at the same time I tried to buy but the page was in error, and the next day the product was no longer on the site.image

what happened?

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Yes. Noticed it too ?. Any updates ?

Me too. Waiting since the day I saw them . Approx when might these be available?

I pre ordered the device and received it. It doesnt work at all, so this is why i suspect it was removed

oh ok ! So did you send it back or contact them about it not working? I believe all it takes is a firmware update for it to be homekit enabled.

What exactly doesn’t work can’t pair to ewelink or HomeKit I know for the sonoff homebridge you must hold down the pair button and then in the ewelink app click add homebridge

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When is it available again ? 

Not approved by Apple 


no up date ?

Any update, would this be available any soon?

Some news?

Watch these videos, it’s what I ended up doing and mich more realiable.

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