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Wiring Help - SONOFF 4CH Pro R2

Hi all,

I am a complete beginner when it comes to electrical wiring.

Could somebody shed some light on how I can achieve what has been described in the attachment. 

I appreciate your time greatly and I would be happy to Paypal you the cost of a beer.

Kind Regards,



No takers? 

Try a read here with all my experience (in Italian):

Sonoff WiFi | Sonoff 4CH Pro | eWeLink | istruzioni italiano | tapparelle

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(1) Connect (+) side of power supply to all 4 com terminals of the relays and center of 12V power plug.

(2) Connect (-) side of the power supply to the outside shell of the 12V power plug.

(3.) For the lights connect the (+) terminal to a relay N.O. and (-) terminal to (-) side of the power supply.

(4.) For the fans connect red wire of first fan to a relay N.O.  Connect the black wire of the first fan to the red wire of the second fan.  Connect the black wire of the second fan to (-) side of the power supply.

Use a meter and be sure of your polarity as reversing (+) and (-) will cause damage.  Note that connecting 12V fans in series will result in lower speeds.  With identical fans each will only be running on 6 volts.  You could connect them in parallel (red to red to relay N.O.  and black to black to power supply (-)) to make them run at full speed and load.

Once again, watch your polarity!  You are basically feeding the (+) side of each device through the relay switches and tying all the (-) sides to the (-) side of the power supply.  Use wire preferably colored red(+) and black(-).  Speaker wire or automotive wire is suitable for this low voltage use.

You can carefully splice into the power supply lead about 6 inches behind the plug as one method.  Solder and insulate all connections.

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Thank you ever so much E W, this helps a lot! I appreciate the time taken to write all that. I can’t find any way to PM you. I’d like to PayPal you the price of a beer. Tom

No need.  Good luck with it.

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