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Can I connect a DC motor ( 80w) or an AC motor (20w) to Sonoff RF- WiFi Wireless Smart Switch

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to find out if it's possible to connect a DC motor (80w) or an AC motor (20w) to Sonoff RF switch.  I have already bought the switch but I need to confirm before I connect the motor.

I'll be running only one motor per switch. Would highly appreciate if someone can confirm with me on this.



It is pretty plain.  It runs on and controls 90-250V  AC.  Says so right on the label and all the documentation.  You might look into the safe voltage units that have the switching relay isolated from the supply voltage.

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90 to 250 V  AC

I emailed the manufacturer but no reply from them. I guess there is no support once goods are sold. :-/

Hi EW,
Thanks for your reply. I have no background knowledge on this so that's why I'm asking. :-)

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