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Can I connect a DC motor ( 80w) or an AC motor (20w) to Sonoff RF- WiFi Wireless Smart Switch

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to find out if it's possible to connect a DC motor (80w) or an AC motor (20w) to Sonoff RF switch.  I have already bought the switch but I need to confirm before I connect the motor.

I'll be running only one motor per switch. Would highly appreciate if someone can confirm with me on this.



90 to 250 V  AC

I emailed the manufacturer but no reply from them. I guess there is no support once goods are sold. :-/

It is pretty plain.  It runs on and controls 90-250V  AC.  Says so right on the label and all the documentation.  You might look into the safe voltage units that have the switching relay isolated from the supply voltage.

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Hi EW,
Thanks for your reply. I have no background knowledge on this so that's why I'm asking. :-)

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