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RF Door Sensor DW1 (CD100S) and RF Bridge Pairing

I tried to use ewelink to pair a Sonoff door sensor with the RF bridge using the following steps:

1. I selected add an alarm in ewelink. 

2. I activated learn mode (fast led blink) on the bridge with a long press of the alarm button. 

3. I triggered the sensor and the bridge blinks red and beeps two times. The bridge led turns off, but ewelink does not seem to recognize that the bridge has learned the alarm, and the bridge learn mode times out. 

4. Afterwards, when I try to trigger the alarm, I do not receive a message on ewelink that the alarm has been activated.

This is the same behavior for two door sensors.

Anyone else having issues with the sensor pairing?

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I don't know why, but it started working today. I was able to pair the door sensor with the rf bridge and I can now get alarms sent to ewelink on my phone.

I have exactly the same issue. I tied hondereds of times to pair the sensor as instructed but I don’t get any alarms. It does not learn :(

I have exactly the same issue.  But, until now, it´s not working... My Sonoff bridge is 1.0.1 version (latest version) and eWeLink is 3.5.0 (latest version too).  So... I think this sensor does not work,

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