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Wall switch for Sonoff RF

I wanted to try and use a Sonoff Basic to control the lights in my living room.

But I need to consider the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) and the ease of setup.

I need to have some kind of working wall switch for the wife and kids to use.

I watched quite a few videos on YouTube showing people cramming a Sonoff basic into their switchbox and doing a DIY switch of some kind.

But I think a simpler solution would be to use a Sonoff RF and mount some kind of RF switch to the wall that my family can use to turn the light on and off.

Is there an RF wall switch I can use to turn a Sonoff RF on and off via RF?

Yes, there are self adhesive wall mount RF control available from Sonoff for that.

if you have space to fit a sonoff basic anywhere i found the best option was to use a retractive switch that fits in place of your normal wall switch. the only time i needed a rf was to control a 2 way light circuit where the switches were top & bottom of the stairs.  

Hello I search the notice for initializing this product and I want the name for applicat for initializing Thank you
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