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Smoke Detectors / Rf Bridge

Can you recommend any rf smoke detector compatible with rf bridge.

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hi Robert. This one works correctly. If someone knows other sensors that work with RF BRIDGE, please, tell them

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This one works too on Aliexpress. Connected to my Sonoff RF Bridge on first try. PHP 475.13 6%OFF | SmartYIBA Battery Powered 433MHz EV1527 Wireless Smoke Sensor Detector Alarm for Alarm System

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The seocnd one didn't work for me. It triggers alarm on Ewelink when smoke is gone... It doesn't trigger when there is a smoke... Can anybody have any idea ?! Itead team dont care, i asked them many times...

Hello there,

I am looking forward to installing my Sonoff RF bridge. But I'm still looking for a combustible natural gas (methane, butane etc) detector/alarm that would be compatible with the Sonoff.
Any confirmed recommendations would be warmly welcomed.


Have you looked at the 2 smoke detectors here:

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