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Sonoff dual not working manual !!

Hello there I got new sonoff dual .. its work well wit eWeLink app But i want to turn on and off lights manual so i connect the pins ( button 0 and 1 ) with push button The channel 1 working well when i connect ( button0 and GND ) BUT for channel 2 !! When i connect ( Button1 & GND ) wont work !! Any one can slove this issue for me ?!

2 people have this problem

ALL Italian Facebook group users has the same problem.

Here you are a video of the problem

Is it a hardware problem?

Hi, you can fix it if you put a 10Kohm pull up resistor between "button1" pin and VCC. Hope this helps

Perhaps ITEAD con fix this via software setting the GPIO to INPUT_PULLUP


Olá eu tenho (3) treis sonff duplo .. todos treis estão com o mesmo problema do "Faisal Juma" só que eles perdem a conecsão com a rede.  

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