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Sonoffs won’t connect to my WiFi

Asking for a friend: He has numerous Sonoff basics and a 3 way wall switch. Background: He’s had issues with his internet connection through BT (UK) for a considerable time. Whenever he’s had drops in WiFi previously the Sonoffs have always reconnected. The recent eWeLink Server issues obviously took his (and many others like me!) Sonoffs offline. At the time of this happening his ISP provided him with a new Router to (attempt to) solve the WiFi issues. When the eWeLink server returned to operation only 2-3 of his Sonoffs reconnected to his WiFi whilst the others, inc the wall switch, refuse to completely. He has tried seemingly all options to try and get these reconnected inc: Resetting the Sonoffs Deleting the eWeLink app Forgetting the WiFi channel and doing ‘fresh’ connections He gets as far (on most devices) as being able to connect in the WiFi settings on his iPhone to ‘ITEAD’ but it then doesn’t proceed past that. The devices are not found on his WiFi rendering, at least for now, his Sonoffs and their connected lamps useless. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what he could try or what it could be? I think the change in Router May have played a part but I don’t know how or why! Suggestions gratefully received.

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Try using an Ipad or other tablet instead of a phone. I find that if I try using my IphoneX to discover a new device it doesn't work but if I use an Ipad it works fine. This is with gen 2 devices and especialy with gen1.

hope this helps.

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