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BN-SZ01 fails upgrade at 90%

I have tried updating version 1.6.2 to new version 1.7.0.

I have tried many times with my main network and also tried many times using a hotspot as suggested in FAQ's. 

No matter what. the LED continuously fails to update, caption shows 90%, then warning message saying the update has failed.

Ideas please.

yes at 90%


Yes at 90% on my touch switch wall control

Raised a tech support case. Auto reply was a notification about Feb server upgrade. Not even competent enough to change the auto reply text. Advise you also raise a tech support case.. It's possible the upgrade file is truncated or corrupted and needs replacing?
I think so like you


You cannot even swap the PN25F08B memory chip on the older sonofs for the new one on the sonof TH10s as the software will not work on the older sonofs. Yes I did waste my time doing this luckily swapping them back did no harm. and both devices still work. 


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