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wiring a Sonoff T1 UK switch

I have an entrance light switch that I'm using a T1 UK to control.  The L and N wires are in my wall.  I wired the L and N to the respective sockets on the switch.  Then I connected a jumper cable from L1 to N to complete the circuit.  But every time I turn on the light switch, it turns on for 1 second then turns off.  Am I wiring it correctly?

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I had the same problem and if I did the jump wire from L to L1 the light in my front yard keep blinking (flickering) please can someone help to fix this issue (Uk standard T1 , 2 way gang )

UK light switch feeds rarely have the full four core cable available to correctly connect Sonoff or any othet similar light switches. It will not work without a seperate live and neutral feed.  See here...

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