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Show MAC address in the App - MUCH NEEDED SIMPLE FEATURE

I have many Sonoff devices, mostly basic switches.  Once I name a device something I can no longer see the MAC address in the app.  I also have several routers and APs.  I would like to be able to give the devices a name in the router's database so I can identify which Sonoff is connected to what AP etc.  It would be VERY USEFUL and probably very easy to supply the MAC address under device information in the phone app.


I also have several devices that work with the Smart Life app and it does show the MAC of each device.  That has allowed me to name the devices in my router and monitor each one's status on my network.

So my request is to please improve the phone app by enabling it to show the MAC address of Sonoff devices.  At it stands it is impossible to tell one from another when looking at the network unless I am missing a trick that will let me connect my device named Barn Light SW with a MAC address.

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My devices are running firmware version 2.6.0 but that has nothing to do with showing the MAC address.  The key to that is your ewelink version.  Make sure you have the latest.  I am running Android 3.5.6.

Ok. Sorry. I have 3.5.4 on iOS. No Mac!

You are welcome and yes, I had to force ewelink to update as well.

Sorry, but I follow not to serve Eweling Mac address. My smartphone, oneplus 3T is using Android 8.0 and Eweling firmware Is 2.60 Can't see inside the app Ewelink Mac address.
Come on folks. This is not a difficult feature to include. Creates a lot of work to manage devices once they are connected if you cannot identify them at the router/switch level.

 I too am trying to figure out what device is what on my router tables, and I have narrowed down that my 4 Sonoff devices are the only unknown. The MAC address in the app and the MAC address in my router table are different. So I can't determine what is what. I have 3 of the 4 devices all similar in MAC address so I assume they are for my iFan02, and the 4th is for my DIY garage opener. Still, would be nice to know for sure what is what.


force your phone to update the eWelink app to version 3.5.6

go to play store and install new version on your phone.

I have the newest app update to 3.5.6

I noticed the Android app updated the other day and was hopeful that this feature had been added.  Disappointed that is was not... 

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