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How to turn off a scene?

Going to get a bit of help with setup. At the moment I have an SC triggering a couple of scenes, 1 for day and 2 for dusk and a third night scene triggered by a timer.

The 3 scenes then turn on 1 of 3 channels on a 4 channel switch, denoted day, evening and night and these in turn are used as triggers for a series of ifttt applets. I'm having to do it this way as the SC can not talk direct to ifttt.

The problem I am having is I can't find a way to turn off any off the scenes until the original trigger from the SC is no longer true.

Day to dusk is no problem, the light sensor says it's dusky and turn the day switch off and turns the evening switch on. The problem comes with the night switch. A schedule turns off another switch in the network which is used as the trigger for the night scene, this in turn switches on channel 3, night and is supposed to switch off channel 2, dusk. However as the SC is still saying it is dusky it comes straight back on again and I have no way of turning everything off for the night.

As scenes are considered by Sonoff to have the highest priority I assumed 1 scene could deactivate another but it seems not.

So over to you guys how do I trigger a "night" scene and deactivate an "evening" scene?

I have an SC, a TH10, 2x 4chan & 2x 4chan pro which can be configured pretty much as we wish.

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