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Sonoff 4CH pro

switches do not resume "on" after power failure

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Sonoff tapparelle elettriche | Sonoff 4CH Pro R2 manuale italiano

Dear . Can you set up 4CH pro/4CH-R2  like that: CH1 connect with motor 220v -80w, CH2- adapter 220-5v (for connect a small buzzer.  When Power =0, or approximate =0, CH2 - will turn on. 

Thanks you.

hello, I have a sonoff 4 CH 5V electronic card, there is with strange behavior when the power drops (220Vca). Recently the electric power failed for seconds and when it came back the output relays of the sonoff were switching (on / off). it is set to the OFF outputs when energized.

My power supply is a 5V / 700mA cellular charger. After a power failure (220Vac) that lasted no more than 2 seconds, the sonoff opened and closed the output relays continuously, disconnected from the power supply and turned it back on and everything went back up, but it left me unsure, because if it happens again , will open and close the gate. The connections are NO (normally open), configured as type button and state after power ON "OFF".

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