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eWelink loop timer to have ending time and daily repeat capability

I see a useful feature for Sonoff switches to save energy by programming them turn on a coffee machine, cooker, heater, etc. a certain time every day and just turning on and off every so many minutes to maintain the heat. It would also be useful to have an ending time so that you can limit the operation a certain time of day say in the morning.

A good illustration of this is my coffee machine. You see, right now, I can program it to turn on at 7 am then turn off at 9 am every day or certain days. But leaving it on for two hours consumes a lot of energy and also overcooks the coffee. I can do this partially by using the current loop timer but I have to set and turn it off every day. It would be nice if this can be fully automated. I see many uses for this for many cookers and other applications

Can we have this features added?

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Hi, I think as Andy mentioned if the loop timer can be set to run continuously without the date that would be great, coz I need to run my fish tank oxygen pump for 15 minutes and stop for 10 minutes continuously. Thanks.
Definitely need this! Or at least the ability to set a schedule e.g on at 10 am off at 5 pm with the loop timer active turning device on every 10 minutes for 5 minutes. Basically loop timer is linked to a master on/off schedule. Thank ewelink it's a great app

that feature would be really great!

This feature is a must! Just installed over 60+ led lights throughout 1200m2 and though we could create more energy saving schedules with half of the lights turning on during daytime and all lights for the hallway, etc would turn fully. Can not believe this is not implemented yet!

Definitely, cant understand why it's not already there. I want to turn an immersion heater on same time evry day for 3 hours? Most likely going to have to buy a timer...

For the time being;

I use a MINI as a master time to control another MINI as a loop timer.

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