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Sonoff Basic

Hello can you tell me if a 150watt light bulb 240v will be ok for the Sonoff Basic


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i have 15 watts led panel light total 15 pcs ....can it be connected in single sonooff basic .....or required 15 pcs each ...trhanks 

150VA / 240V =  0.625A   The basic is rated at 10A  so yes, it will handle it easily.

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"15 watts led panel light total 15 pcs"

15W * 15 = 225W or 225VA

For 120V circuit:   225VA / 120V =  1.875A

For 240V circuit:   225VA / 240V =  0.938A

The Sonoff  basic is rated at 10A into a resistive load.  If you are pulling a heavily inductive load like a LED or CFL transformers or ballasts I would derate it by 30% to get the expected life out of the relay contacts.  For that type load 7A or less should be okay.

i have 15 watts led panel light total 15 pcs

Then you have an inductive load of 225VA.  Divide 225 by your voltage to get amperage.

For inductive loads I would probably try to stay below 7 amps.  Inductive loads put more strain on the relay contacts.

15 x 15W = 225VA / Voltage = Amperage.  So if your line voltage is 120 the 15 lights require a total of  1.875 Amps.

For an inductive load like LED transformers I would keep the Sonoff basic load under 7A to protect the relay contacts.

So I just these sonoff basics from Amazon. Box says basic, board says RF , the main traces have been replaced by wires, it's using an esp 8285 and I think I see a fuse. Did sonoff completely change their manufacturing or is this a knock off?
What are the features of Sonoff Basic? How can I buy a Sonoff Basic? What are the wiring guideline to convert a non-smart ceiling to smart fan?

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