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Sonoff dual ch R2 vs 4ch pro R2 for roller shutter?

Hello, I have been using sonoff devices for a lot of small projects but since a couple of months i have been using the 2 sonoff 4ch pro for 4 window roller shutters. I am using 1 sonoff for 2 shutters ( 2 relays for up and 2 for down) This works but i can only open or close 1 shutter at the time or if i choose inching mode it is max 4 sec which is not enough. I saw now the 4ch pro R2 with inching mode up to 16sec and the timing/countdown mode so this means with 2 x 4ch pro R2 i could open or close all my 4 shutters at the same time for a closing or opening time up to 16sec which is enough now. The question is should i invest for roller shutters in 2 new 4 ch pro R2 or should i use 2 dual ch R2 per roller shutter ( 8 in total for 4 windows) a bit much.. But i saw a lot of people online using the dual channel for roller shutters with external buttons for manual up and down. What is the best type of solutions? What do you suggest? Thank you

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