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Sonoff TH10 accuracy

I purchased the TH10 to automate my home central heating system, and bumped into the following questions or issues:

  1. Software supports only whole numbers, no digits. I cannot set, say, 21,5 degree Celcius. One degree accuracy is inefficient for controls of the heating system. I think this can easily be solved by ITEAD software engineers.
  2. As compared to my original old-fashioned room thermostat, the DS18B20 sensor responds very slow, has high inertia, or momentum. This leads to the overheating, when I get to 23 degrees, while DS18B20 still shows 21. Perhaps this sensor is not suitable for the room temperature, and I have to use SI7021?
  3. Unless I miss possibility of scenes, the software does not provide possibility of setting different temperatures per schedule.

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