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SONOFF T433 86 Type Wall Panel 433MHz Wireless RF


I’ve purchased the ‘SONOFF T433 86 Type Wall Panel 433MHz Wireless RF Remote Control Transmitter’ but can’t figure out how to get it to work as a switch.  I can create it as an RF alarm input and link that to a scene.  I can switch on a Wi-Fi Wireless Switch but can’t figure out how to press the button again and get the switch to turn off.


Any thoughts or ideas?

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How do you configure that?

Do you have any manual in english?


No arrived in a box, no instructions.

Can't really see what the point of the switch is - you press the touch button, it outputs an RF code, the bridge hears it, and runs a scene.  Not much use as a switch if you can’t turn the thing off again.


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I just figured out how to install the batteries after trying all combinations.  But all it does is turn red when I press the button.  How do I even synch this with a switch or the app?  I've tried holding the button down for 10 seconds.  Nothing happens.  Help please.

I'm unable to pair the "SONOFF T433 86 Type Wall Panel 433MHz Wireless RF Remote Control Transmitter" I tried to install the batteries in all combinations, it's not working.

Is there an English installation guide?

Hi guys, I was able to get it working with the Sonoff RF devices. Just double click the pairing button and then press the RF wall switch button. After this you can turn ir on / off at will either from the RF wall switch, the pairing button or from the app.

Problem I have is I ordered new ones and the new ones come witthout th erefular button cell bateries, but with a battery holder thinner than an A23 and no referenco the the model or polarozation of the battery !

Any clue, will be welcomed !


I also have had this problem, it is so weird that no information about the new battery model is available... searching the internet, I found an image of the RF wall switch on aliexpress ( with a L828 battery (which is the equivalent to an A27 battery).

I was also able to make it work with an A23 battert that I have at home, but the case won't close, as the A23 is thicker.

Hope it helps!

Hi Luiz, I finally found the right battery, although still waiting from ITEAD a reasponse from my ticket. It is a 12V Alkaline A27. They are the same voltage as the A23, same length, but much thinner what allows you to close the case. Those are the same batteries used in the Sonoff keychain remote control !

guys can you tell me how to reset the t433 wall panel styky? I accidentally associated it with 2 switches
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