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Now ‘History’ broken?

I am in Europe and none of my devices with a ‘history’ option show anything more than a faded page. Is ‘history’ working for anyone else anywhere in the world? After things breaking already twice this year this is getting silly.

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History remains broken & the temperatures on the THs are taking ages to update. I think they’re doing something again. Shame they never tell us.
Now history is back, but I can’t access the schedule on one device…I wish they would just tell us what they are doing.

Has history every worked? Not for me anyway.

It is intermittent. Currently it is working in U.K. it is quite useful, as you can check your schedules work and see who manually turns things on/off.

I live in Germany and the history of all my 10 devices is down since 26.03.18. When will this  function come back again ? I think, Itead switched off this funktion, because their servers are overloaded.

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I live in the Netherlands and for me the same problem with the history function since 28-03-2018.

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History never worked on my Android 4.2 tablet.

Scenes and schedule work.

On Android 8 history was fine until 28-3-2017. It doesn't work for 2 weeks now. I have no RF alarms or switch history feedback. NOT acceptabele.

DOUBLE NOT acceptable the customers are not informed (or did I miss something??).

Should we accept this as the Chinese way of doing business?

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I have the same problem with history stopping on 28 March. The main problem is that I have a few PIRs running via a bridge, so I get an alert but then I don't know which PIR has been activated because there is no history. I logged a ticket two days ago but no response yet.

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Are you in Europe too? Oddly my devices seem to have stopped at different times in the history. I wouldn’t hold your breath for support. It takes ages and then they just copy and paste nonsense. I have had a broken RF bridge for 4 months now and haven’t heard from them in over a month. I’ve resorted to messaging their pre-sales address in the hope I actually get a reply. Whoever is in charge of tech support needs to get a new job ASAP. Maybe they are the bosses son/daughter or something.

I'm in Africa. I suspect it may be an app problem - if I remember correctly, there was an update to the iOS app rolled out around that date, but then it would impact users globally I guess. 

Yes, the biggest problem is the history logging of the sensors on the RF bridge. 
It only gives a push up alarm message, but I cannot see which sensor.
Cannot use it anymore. Maybe Android app problem?
I urgently ask the supplier to INFORM the users.

I don't trust the Sonoff servers anymore. Are they down because of server attacks, like DDOS?
Anyway, it is time to flash Tasmota firmware and run my local server.

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I received a reply today (he is very quick to reply) from Jack at CoolKit:

"We are really sorry for you are unable view history and apologize for any inconvenience caused to you.

Due to our EU server is being immigrated,so the history will unavailable for 1 month."

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Dataworx22, thanks for informing us.

Thanks. I don’t believe them though. Migrating a system can be done within fractions of a second when you are just moving from one virtual server to another. They’re not sat there copying files onto CD and sending them in the post. They promised local control in January too, so even their timescales are untrustworthy. We are just left guessing what they are doing.
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