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So off T1 UK no WiFi via courier but works via phone

Hi I have a T1 UK I can't pair it via my router . But if a make a hotspot from another phone and connect my phone with ewelink on it works perfectly. So it's my router but can't figure out why though. Firewall is off but not much else you can do really. I have a duel switch that works fine though the router . Any one help I'm with Virgin and have a a hub 3 Thanks

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After selecting the best location for your Netgear extender, try to access mywifiext setup page on your WiFi-enabled device to check whether connectivity issue is fixed or not.  mywifiext  In case changing the location of your Netgear extender doesn’t help you in fixing the issue, head towards the next troubleshooting tip.

WiFi connectivity issue can occur due to loose or improper wired or wireless connections. To get the issue fixed in no time, check all the wired and wireless connections you have made during Netgear extender setup. In the event you are making use of a bad-conditioned Ethernet cable, then we suggest replacing it as soon as possible.   mywifiext 

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