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So off T1 UK no WiFi via courier but works via phone

Hi I have a T1 UK I can't pair it via my router . But if a make a hotspot from another phone and connect my phone with ewelink on it works perfectly. So it's my router but can't figure out why though. Firewall is off but not much else you can do really. I have a duel switch that works fine though the router . Any one help I'm with Virgin and have a a hub 3 Thanks

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That's ment to say router not courier

I have the same situation: have a router from Vodafone (Huawei HG8247H) and can get my Sonoff basic to work in another router. Curisouly, I have a sonoff SV and it works

I have the same issue with Sonoff T1 UK 3 gang. Cant pair them to wifi on Hawaie modem. I can paired them on hot spot and other modems but not this one. Any help given that my modem is at default factory settings and no firwall or special settings

I eventually managed to get my Sonoff working by conecting it to a range extender, which I set to broadcast a different SSID

So I got it working by selecting only b mode on the router for wireless . No idea why that would make a difference and not sure yours that but give it ago. So try to use b mode rather than b and n

I have the same problem with my 2-way T1 UK. Actually, it works with one router, but not with many others. The Sonoff POW works fine on all routers, and the computers and phones also work fine on all routers. It is only the T1 UK that doesn't work on the newest routers. I will continue looking for settings that are different in the routers, and post a new post if I find some clues.

Hi there :) I have the same problem. I have 5 sonoff T1 UK switches that work with mobile phone hotspot, but do not work with my home network trough my router. Actually one of them paired successfully, but the others don't. Is there any solution for that issue ?


i am also facing the same issue. I am unable to connect via my router. but with hotspot connection, it works nicely. i visit Change Linksys Router Password for changing the router password. how can i solve this issue? 

Hi, try with another phone and the same ewelink account. Then, you just need to log into your account from whatever device you want and everything works fine.
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