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Manually start Sonoff TH16 and stop at specific temperature

Hi, I have installed a TH16 to control my water heater but there is no option to manually (manual control is disabled in Auto mode where the user can set temperature values) turn on until a specific temperature. It's only possible with "Schedule". Can you please add that? Or where can I ask for this feature if you are not responsible for this? I'm using the Ewelink app.

To my knowledge "Schedule" doesn't work either in Auto mode.

I tried it this afternoon and started a one time schedule with the off temp one degree higher than the one showing and it turned off.. Didn't do further tests.. My request is to start it manually and have it stop when the water is warm enough.. I haven't tried this using the physical button maybe that works at least while the app is in Auto mode.

According to me you can use "Schedule" only for time, not temperature. 

I use the TH16 to control the pump of my floor heating. During winter season the pump starts via the TH16 as soon as it registers a higher water temperature. Apart from this I have a schedule for 5 minutes every 24 hours to prevent the pump to get stuck during summer season. This schedule, every day 03:00 AM for 5 minutes, only works in manual mode.

What I want to accomplish are the following: 1) I have a schedule of 30 minute duration every morning but if there is some warm water since the previous night for example, I want the heater to turn off not after the whole 30 minute period but when the water comes to 47C. I think this is possible at the moment but must double check. 2) When I return home from the gym or work I want to start the heater from the app not for a period of time but until it gets warm enough for shower.. Again 45-47C. For this to happen I need to be able to manually start the water heater AND have a turn-off temperature which is not possible now. George

Hi George,

In my app I can choose either a temperature controlled pump in Auto mode, or a time (schedule) controlled pump in Manual mode. I would like to combine those two. In that case, during summer the pump will be switched on for 5 minutes every night, but will still be operational when it is a cold day and my heat system switches on. This is not possible I think. During summer I switch to Manual mode.

Want you want for number 1 is not possible I think. Number 2 is partially possible. You can, using your app, switch to Manual mode and start the heater. The only thing is that you don't have a limited temperature. You have to switch it off manually.

That's why we need some features added. Let's say some AND and OR boolean logic between time and temperature. I think the developers can easily implement that. And I certainly hope they will.

For developers it might be not that difficult I think.

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There is a solution using SCENE, but it need other sonoff that it turn on/off when you start/stop manually you sonoff TH16 and additional when the temperature of Sonoff TH16 is bigger than a specific T. Something like master/slave. Obviously you need an additional sonoff $$$
Hi, Yes that's possible but it is a pretty clumsy solution.. Would be neat to just have the option in both timer and schedule: Start at time x and finish at time y unless temp reaches z first (OR function basically). And a simpler one without involving timers for a single repetition. Start now until temp is x. That would cover a lot of scenarios especially if TH16 is used in water heater systems for showering. Regards, George
For SCENE you need active internet. With failing internet you will have a problem.


Henry, to operate TH, don’t you need internet?
I use a TH for my freezer. I bought it second hand and the thermostat didn't work :-(. The TH is located outside the freezer and inside the freezer there is the sensor. I needed internet for "telling" the TH to switch the feezer on at -17C and switch it of at -19C. After that it doesn't need internet. The TH will go offline, but keeps working according to its instructions. If you need to change anything it has to be reconnected to internet of course.


In addition. If there isn't a WiFi signal available you can temporarily use your mobile phone as a hotspot just for the time of instructing the TH.


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