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Sonoff T1 EU replacing Motor Clockwise/ Anticlockwise?

In the past I bought myself a Motor Clockwise/Anticlockwise Running WiFi Wireless Switch Model: IM160601001 to control, in a case (see picture) a roller shutter. I was perfectly happy with this product and was willing to buy more for my other shutters. But then found out it was retired. Since then only 1 shutter is controlled by my smartphone.

Now I read about the Sonoff T1 EU: 2 Gang WiFi RF Smart Wall Touch Light Switch. This might be the solution to my problem. In my opinion I could use the 2-gang version to replace the Motor Clockwise/Anticlockwise. There is only 1 catch. When using gang 1 the power to gang 2 should automatically be cut off. And when using gang 2 the power to gang 1 should automatically be cut off as well of course. Would this be possible?

Thank you up front for your help.

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That might cause it. It is a quite clear picture.


I think todays European server collapse (again) proves you are right to not trust scene. I was actually trying to imagine how the AC current motor in your blind works in two directions. Maybe there are two motors, maybe they convert to DC or maybe they have PCB - to reverse an AC motor I think you just reverse the two wires to the starter coils. My guess is they just use a PCB: L1 to Neutral active connect forward L2 to neutral active connect backward I was just trying to imagine how they do this and what would happen if there was a connection to both L1 and L2.

Sorry for keeping you waiting. I have this set up in my second house and that house is not located in the Netherlands but in Germany. We went there last weekend and returned last night.

I have checked this and the relay is room temperature. So I think something must be wrong with your relay.


Hoi Aaldert, sorry voor mijn late reactie. Als ik hierboven kijk heb je al meer dan een week geleden geschreven, maar ik heb afgelopen nacht pas een mailtje gehad hierover.


Ik gebruik het relais nog steeds. Alles werkt nog steeds vlekkeloos. Ik heb het relais in Nederland bij een zeer hulpvaardige man gekocht. Kijk maar op HIER STOND EEN LINK. Later heb ik er nog 25 bij hem gekocht. Kun je hier een persoonlijk bericht sturen? Stuur mij dan even een berichtje. Dan kunnen we misschien iets regelen. Groet, Henry

I found this:

"Er zitten in feite twee motoren in door de manier van wikkelen.
Dus de ene draad laat de motor de ene kant op draaien, de ander draad laat de motor tegengesteld lopen.


"Because of the way of winding there are actually 2 motors. So 1 wire turns the motor in one direction, the other wire turns the motor in the opposite direction."

This is with 230V AC

Have a look at the blog and see if you think it looks doable. It might be worth getting a cheap basic arduino to get used to messing around yourself with chips. They come with a USB already attached and are dead easy. You can also use the same software environment on ESP chips if you want.


no prob :)

Yes that's what I'm thinking. I will try another one :) 

Henry great solution!

I want to do the same with my shutter. 

I saw your video and schematic about wiring up the relay.

I only have one question: If you press again the button the motor turns in reversed?

So if i open and stop the shutter at half opened position i can close it directly or must fully opened and then closed?

Hope you undestand my question and forgive my bad english.

Thank you for the reply!

I am trying to find if there is solution to act like normal switches:

  • left button first touch up, second touch stop
  • right button first touch down, second touch stop

without scenes ofcourse.

I want the switch to be as simple as possible so can be used from others without inconvenience.

I don't have bought the switch yet to try it out in real circumstances, but i am searching for the right product.

Another solution is Sonoff-Tasmota which have option to enable interlock between the switches, but it will lose connectivity to Ewelink.

Unfortunetaly I'm not that much of a technician to tell you if this would be possible. That's why I needed help myself here at this forum ;-). You have to figure out if nothing can go wrong. With 2 small children and a wife here I had to connect it in a way that they can't do anything wrong. My wife is allways in a doubt about what I told here. "Was it the right button for up? Or.... no, I think he told me it was the left button. Was it?". This really what I experienced. So, I told her just to use 1 button, the right one. And in case of pushing the left button nothing can go wrong; only the power is cut off for the right button. She then starts to push the buttons again untill it works like she had planned ;-). Up till now we are still quite satisfied with this configuration.

You're right!

Will go to your simplier solution, as you already tested it in real family circumstances. :-)

It is possible to have any more detailed schematic for the relay?

Thanks in advance

Good find. Does the paragraph make sense in Dutch? The translation has two motors (plural) and then refers to motor in the singular. I guess two motors is simplest way though, had guessed it would cost more though. Does mean you can’t just wire it up though. Pity.
Yes it does make sense. It is hard to translate. I will give it another go ;-).

It is 1 motor, but the way of winding makes it act like 2 motors.


 It is obvious that something went wrong when you look at all the replies above. I have been trying for 2 days and now suddenly they all appear hahaha. I will try and remove them.


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