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Sonoff T1 EU replacing Motor Clockwise/ Anticlockwise?

In the past I bought myself a Motor Clockwise/Anticlockwise Running WiFi Wireless Switch Model: IM160601001 to control, in a case (see picture) a roller shutter. I was perfectly happy with this product and was willing to buy more for my other shutters. But then found out it was retired. Since then only 1 shutter is controlled by my smartphone.

Now I read about the Sonoff T1 EU: 2 Gang WiFi RF Smart Wall Touch Light Switch. This might be the solution to my problem. In my opinion I could use the 2-gang version to replace the Motor Clockwise/Anticlockwise. There is only 1 catch. When using gang 1 the power to gang 2 should automatically be cut off. And when using gang 2 the power to gang 1 should automatically be cut off as well of course. Would this be possible?

Thank you up front for your help.

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What do you mean by "do you know how your blind works?"? The motor has "auto stop". Is that what you mean?
No, I mean the actual PCB and wiring of the blind. I was just thinking how they have designed it so the motor can turn both ways through an AC current. It is possible they have already solved your problem for you and it would not be dangerous to have a live wire connected to both at once.
The motor has 4 wires; L1, L2, N and ground. I think that as soon as the motor stops at the position I have set up it switches from L1 to L2 or vice versa. The wire remains live untill I activate the other switch. This is the motor I have:
You might be right. I have approched them in German, hopefully that makes a difference. If not I can always participate in a forum in Germany.

By "dismantle" I meant cut it in pieces ;-).


I understood what you meant about the 2 operating buttons. But not "If I switch off both of them, it will stop at the current state.", Now you wrote "And if I want to stop the shutter I just have to press the actual button again".

You use the relay as a mechanical protection? That is in case of a malfunctioning scene function? Why not directly using the relay?

I left the scene function out and use only the relay.

I still feel that my solution suits me best. 1 Button for up/down and 1 button for stop. Furthermore, what you use as "protection", the relay, is my first choice. In this case I feel, less is more.

Can I talk about sonoff in this Arduino website? Are they competitors?


I have tried several times to answer Aaldert his question, but nothing works.

Test test


Hi Aaldert, Sorry for my late response. When I look at your comment I can tell you wrote it over 1 week ago, but I only received a mail last night.

I’m still using the relay. Everything still works like a charm. I bought the relay from a helpful man in the Netherlands. Check out THERE WAS A LINK HERE. Later I bought another 25 pieces. You can send me a mail if you want; henry at Regards, Henry

Hyperlink en Nederlands een probleem?

No, not competitors, it is reasonably common to use them together. The Arduino chip is generally much better, but can’t connect to wifi without help. If you add one of the ESP chips to an arduino it can connect to wifi. That is roughly what Sonoff do with their SC model. If you don’t want to connect it to wifi anyway you could do it all with an arduino anyway. I am pretty sure if you search for ESP in the ‘playground’ it will show loads. There is plenty of ESP stuff too, but I don’t know if any platforms that are as well setup for learning.

"But not "If I switch off both of them, it will stop at the current state.", Now you wrote "And if I want to stop the shutter I just have to press the actual button again"."

This is the same. When you switch on one of them, it will switch off the othes by scene therefore you have to press the switch which is On (only one can be On by scene). Like the old fashioned shutter switches.

Whit this I can say to Google assistant to Shutter up or Shutter down even if it is in the middle.

But I thing both solution (I mean yours and mine) is a good solution. For me the relay is needed only for the ensurance (I don'T trust in eWelink in 100% percent, but even when I'll turn to home assistant, az an ELectrical engineer I trust more in HW than SW :D)

FaBRiK, about this:

"Make a scene in eWelink to switch off the L2 when L1 is on and vice versa and also a scene to just switch off both."

You already try it? 

Some time ago I try it with the Two Pow Sonoff and this was not supported. Then, I ask to itead if it was supported in the wall switch used in this topic and the answer was negative.

However the eWelink app has been improve and it seems much more faster now.

Maybe the scenario involving  two different outputs of the same hardware piece is now supported, but it should be tested :)


Hoi Mathias,

Allereerst excuses voor mijn late reactie. Ik had mailtje met jouw bericht gezien, maar toen deed mijn pc wat raar en na het opnieuw opstarten helemaal vergeten. Nu kom ik dat mailtje weer tegen.

Ik ben een echte leek op dit gebied, maar ik kan redelijk goed beredeneren wat mogelijk zou moeten kunnen zijn m.b.t. bepaalde dingen. Dan heb ik wel hulp nodig van technische mensen om te toetsen wat ik voor ogen heb haalbaar is ;-).

Dus moet ik bekennen dat ik niet weet wat homekit is. Kun je me hier iets over vertellen? 

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