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Sonoff basic + sonoff touch

Good day, I like to make my house and garden lights controlled via WiFi with Sonoff basic switch. My main question is: can be sonoff switch connected between ordinary switch and lights? We like to use ordinary switches daily and sometimes use it with WiFi ( specially garden lights and house ventilation). My house is a new build and fully equipped, so I can not install sonoff switch behind my ordinary switch or make extra wiring ( do not want to touch walls, they are fresh painted). I have only possibility to install it behind my ceiling ( it has 15 cm gap) it means it will be between... My concern is if it is healthy for sonoff switch to be on/off many times per day? If not do you have another solution. Sonoff touch is a solution, but I do not like to have them in all rooms( planning only in the several rooms). Another question: it's related to the first one question. Can be sonoff switch connected between sonoff touch and light? My idea is to control with Sonoff touch complete light loop and with Sonoff switch separate same loop to several and control them. It means with sonoff touch can be controlled full loop and then sonoff touch is activated with Sonoff switch help to separate main loop to several and control them separately. I hope I explained it clearly. For me it's difficult because I have no experience with this kind switches . I hope to hear you as soon it's posiposs.
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