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PIR2 433mhz Motion Sensor Triggers By Itself

I just received my PIR2 motion sensor and DW1 Door sensor yesterday and quickly set it up to my Sonoff bridge. Everything was good and the DW1 sensor works well until I realised, the PIR2 motion sensor triggers off by itself even without any motion. I tried replacing the AA batteries, kept it inside an enclosed place. Still no luck to get it stop. Anyone has encounter before? or it is faulty? Below is the link to my video recording.

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I received one faulty sensor and one working one. Seller send me a new working one. Now I have 2 reliable sensors working for months. I think it has nothing to do with a complete wrong batch but just a bad one.
Send your supplier a video with the sensor problem and you'll get a new one. 
Is there a manual or explanation how jumpers are used in PIR? I don't know how to use tgemt
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