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PIR2 433mhz Motion Sensor Triggers By Itself

I just received my PIR2 motion sensor and DW1 Door sensor yesterday and quickly set it up to my Sonoff bridge. Everything was good and the DW1 sensor works well until I realised, the PIR2 motion sensor triggers off by itself even without any motion. I tried replacing the AA batteries, kept it inside an enclosed place. Still no luck to get it stop. Anyone has encounter before? or it is faulty? Below is the link to my video recording.

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Same problem here Marc, I drove myself mad changing the jumper positions, deleting and adding the PIR back to the bridge but the problem remains. It must be a hardware/firmware problem I imagine.

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Precisely Dataworx22, we're speaking at the same frequency I guess. Tried for hours and hours but nothing works out. Gonna get a refund when they are back.

Two weeks ago I received 2 PIR2 sensors.

One is working well, but the other one triggers without motion.

So this is not you or your jumper settings ;)

I'll ask for a replacement.

Thanks for the heads up Awap, guess I gonna try the jumper tonight to confirm it's the hardware problem.

First (top) jumper triggers false every 15-30 seconds.

Second jumper every 3 minutes.

Third jumper : N.A. 

Last 3 jumper settings are only for adjusting sensitivity and don't make a difference in false triggers.

The microswitch gives only an additional alarm pulse when released (when case is opened). No idea why they added this.

I just tried every combinations, no luck. I even took out all the jumpers, it became a motionless sensor. Now I can confirm its the hardware problem. Awap, whats the jumper settings for your working PIR2?
My working one is not jumper sensitive.
First setting is the timer setting (jumper one or two).
Second jumper setting is the sensitivity, it works on jumper 4, 5 or 6.
I just didn't try the third jumper setting (code).
Yours must be faulty.
Alright thanks! Now I'm 100% sure its faulty.

Banggood has already refunded me - very quick and professional. I've ordered some more units, I'm sure they will be okay.

BG already shipped a replacement to me. Indeed very fast and good service.

Is there a set-up PDF or Wiki which describes the jumper settings on the PIR2 sensor? 
I do not have the paper based. 

Thank you

I have a new batch from June 2018 but having same problem, how come the Manufacture not saying anything about it??

Basically, it ended in the trash. Not reliable PIR2 motion sensor and without any solutions to it. The only 433mhz I'm still using is the DW1 sensor.

Just my 2 cents worth as I don't own the PIR that you refer to but have played with them in the past.  Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) can cause false triggering as can noise on the power supply line.  Sometimes a small .01 mfd disc capacitor across the power supply lines and located as close to the device as possible will quash the noise.  Shielding and grounding the devices may also prove beneficial.

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