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Two fast blinks on my Sonoff switches

Please assist, all my Sonoff devices cannot connect to the server, they all have the 2 fast blinking Lights. My EWeLink app does not connect to the internet too. I used to different WiFi routers, I uninstalled the app, I use Amazon dot but the device keeps saying my Sonoff devices are not responding. Please assist

I am having the same problem in Spain. This seems to have been going on for a few hours now. From what I'm reading in other threads, the servers are down, or under maintenance... but no more information. Hope they get it up and running soon.

Thank you very much for the response Raul, I feel much better knowing that the issue is global...

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In one of the other threads I'm seeing comments from at least 8 hours ago from people all over the world having problems.

I bought 3 , 3 also this happen need to wait it third flash blink only mange to do the on/off

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