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Sonoff Basic WiFi Switch wont Connect to Server

Hi, 6 if these switches all over my house, and have had them for a couple of weeks and everything has been fine. However, came home this evening and when I asked Alexa to switch the kitchen Lights on, the ones with smart bulbs came on but the ones connected to these switches did not! They are all flashing two blinks, which according to the app means they are connect to our WiFi but not the servers? I have switched off the power to the switches and left it off for a couple of minutes, and switched it back on and got the same results, the switches connected to the WiFi but not the severs! How do I know if this is an issue at my end or at the server end?

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It's the servers (again!)

Please assist, all my Sonoff devices cannot connect to the server, they all have the 2 fast blinking Lights. My EWeLink app does not connect to the internet too. I used to different WiFi routers, I uninstalled the app, I use Amazon dot but the device keeps saying my Sonoff devices are not responding. Please assist
Thanks Colin, they are all working again this morning! Take it this may be a regular thing? 

I'm not sure how regular, I've only had the devices 2 or 3 months - second occasion of failure. 

The last time was longer and was related to waiting a server up-grade. Victim of own success? Broadly, I've found the devices good but I'm considering a 3rd party software flash to manage via a Raspberry Pi locally.

Guys I’ve had the same problem and after I’ve seen on the forum that the service was believed to be restored my switches were still reporting as not connected. I’ve cut off the power to the areas affected though the fuse box and switched it back on again and all switches came back up straight away so looks like they had to be forced to authenticate again... try that guys if people report that the service is restored in your country but your switches are still down. Worked for me.
Agree Colin, down times are unacceptable and reliance on cloud is so problematic!

AK, I am up and running again - I didn't need to power cycle but they didn't all resolve at the same time.

Is it just me, I saw a line of red text on the top right corner of every devices shown on the app. Written "Control by LAN" didn't manage to get a screenshot as it quickly disappeared. Was wondering are they in the progress of working on the LAN network.

Marc, I've not seen this on the Android App current Version 3.2.1 and latest 1.6.0 firmware :(

Also needs to work on Apple to avoid the disadvantage for my wife...

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