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UK down (20.02.2018)

Hello, I dont know if the Sonoff team are aware of this but devices seem to be down in the UK @ time of posting. MOA.

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yes you did my friend like we all are....the product is exelent but the company has a strange way of doing things.I just wait another company to step up ,sell the same product flashed with tasmota firmware.I will replase all my itead sonoff products with that one.....

Portugal ok, now.

I have this Smart Power meter, that use the same login as ewelink app.

Please ITEAD, help me, on app wemeter (i have price kwk, etc) on ewelink it work's like SonoffPow, it's nice to have everything on same app.

My power meter: 

Please ITEAD (the login is the same on "wemeter app" and "ewelink app", why the app ewelink don't have the same functionality... look the video!


9:43 GMT

Almost all my devices are on line finally... after 24h of unavailability. 

Good products, but unreliable service :(

The problem with upgrading your firmware is that opening the devices breaks the little paper things that, I believe, say that doing so invalidates the warranty. That is what a Chinese friend of mine said he thought it meant. So you have choice: 1) deal with their system failing every month or two 2) invalidate your warranty They should just allow people to write their own firmwares OTA. Sure occasionally someone will completely brick their device & need to do it manually, but mostly it would work. With older itead firmwares it has been possible anyway. Hardware does occasionally break. A warranty is useful. My stuff has gradually come on line again. Google home link isn’t fully working yet.

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When one of my POWs with the original firmware got burned, I have opened it, I sent the photos, and they replaced it in warranty.

Even if there are service problems, the company has proved to be serious.

Network again unavailable.... it's ridiculous

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Yap! In Portugal down !!! (it's christmas time...)

Anyone using glass plate wall switches? If so, I have wired up a work around.

For some reason, even though I can control the devices from the app, scenes still work. I can even still create scenes.

So I have wired up a few 3 glass plate wall switches to the power, but not to any device/light etc.

Then I have created scenes to control my t1/bulb etc.

Works so well, I might make a separate location on a wall with a load of 3 gang wall switches that control everything else......

very interesting... but does it work also from internet?

Feeling sad. Once again don't work ALMOST everything on my house. Itead have good hardware and failed manager/CEO. Please free the software for a home lan server. I hope the "door" of your car, house, etc never open when the cloud were down.... Sad...

Sorry I made a typo, I *can't control my sonoff from the app. Hence running a scene from a master wall switch

I tested if it worked without internet, which it does not. So this proves scenes are also driven from the servers. But they are working even though the app is not....

Lol now only work on ewelink app the energy power meter from intellisaver...  wem2 device.

in the Czech republic we have a problem with the connecting to your server from the midnight 21.2.2018 (0:00) even in the app EWeLink is written something about upgrading which should last for hours but the problem is all day.
The app is showing a status of device but I could not control it.

It will be nice if the ITEAD should get to their devices WEB SERVER, it will deal everything.
Thank you.

It seems to be up and running in London, although some of the switches came back up automatically after back end was restored, but in order to get the others I had to cut the power through the fuse box to force them to authenticate again, or you may want to just pull the main switch down to the whole house / flat. They came back up straight away. Try that guys after it’s believed in your area / country service is restored.

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