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UK down (20.02.2018)

Hello, I dont know if the Sonoff team are aware of this but devices seem to be down in the UK @ time of posting. MOA.

15 people have this problem

Sorry I made a typo, I *can't control my sonoff from the app. Hence running a scene from a master wall switch

I tested if it worked without internet, which it does not. So this proves scenes are also driven from the servers. But they are working even though the app is not....

Lol now only work on ewelink app the energy power meter from intellisaver...  wem2 device.

in the Czech republic we have a problem with the connecting to your server from the midnight 21.2.2018 (0:00) even in the app EWeLink is written something about upgrading which should last for hours but the problem is all day.
The app is showing a status of device but I could not control it.

It will be nice if the ITEAD should get to their devices WEB SERVER, it will deal everything.
Thank you.

The same in Slovenija....


Hopefully its because we are finally being migrated to decent servers. Clearly a European server issue. I dont wreckon it will be to long before things are back up and running. Thankfully I installed the wee RF remotes yesterday on the slamphers and Sonoff RF.

The same in Slovak republic... :(

Hi I've just bought 2 switches looks like I'm returning them to Amazon.

If Sonoff devices rely on the cloud they need better servers.


Where in the ewelink-App says "we are upgrading servers, please wait for one or two hours" 

I can't seem to find any info...?

Itead Freshdesk have advised me that they are on (new year) holiday from 11 to 22 Feb...


It has been many hours since I first saw the ‘servers down for one to two hours’ thing. I think it just a standard error message the app gives when it can’t connect to the servers. Doubt it has anything todo with reality. Annoyingly, my stuff is single flashing, so I spent ages restarting devices. Other things connect fine with same credentials though. I’m a bit concerned the local control will only be Android anyway. Their FAQ seems to suggest that and the video they posted was on android. If so I might as well get on and re-flash them. It would be nice if they would say. I don’t know why it the European server again that has a problem.

As suggested server migration won't take over 9hrs. simply their server are down and I am doubtful that Sonoff technical team is working. Otherwise it would be long sorted. 

Don't understand why Sonoff keeps letting their customers down. They must need to come up with bulletproof plan otherwise its not worth as main smart home devices, now it feel like their devices only good for experiment or hobbies.

here in Greece my switches are down too.Double flashing and the app shows "servers upgrading" since this morming.They were working nicely for over a month.....

Here some devices are still connected to the sonoff-servers. If I switch them on or off using the button on the device their status in the app changes - sometimes at once, other times after many seconds. But using the app to switch on or off is not possible.

It seems if the servers are overloaded, not down. DDoS?


Since many hours, i can't get the list of devices too. I hope that some Chinese rice bag falls over and shakes the responsible awake.

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