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UK down (20.02.2018)

Hello, I dont know if the Sonoff team are aware of this but devices seem to be down in the UK @ time of posting. MOA.

15 people have this problem

Anybody knows how long is the hour in China?

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UK still down. In the app, if you logout and login you can see the 'upgrading servers' message. Given chinese new year can't see it being that. Server outage more like. Itead DOS attack on my house!! De-installed the app and re-installed, now won't let me even login. Sonoff devices refuse to pair anymore, connecting to wifi okay but they need to talk to the down servers. Will likely take them out back and pair them with my hammer!! Should've bought lightwaverf lol.

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It is as I suggested last time; they need to make a decision. At present the hardware is solid and cheap, with easy home firmware flashing options; either they target general consumers or they target tinkerers. At present they seem to be trying to do both and failing at both. I personally think they should go full tinkerer and allow OTH home firmware upgrading so we don’t need to invalidate warranties to do so. The other option involves a faultless web access, which they obviously don’t have any interest in achieving.

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Same in greece. Can't log in in app and sonoff is off.

I suspect there are security issues with allowing access to third party software and they may not have the memory to communicate with a variety of home automation systems. That is why I think they should allow people to select their own firmwares and take responsibility for their own security and selection of connections. But, at present you have to void the warranty, solder on 4 header pins and physically update the firmware. There is no reason they can’t allow easy OTA updating and reversal. Then we could all just leave their cloud behind.

This firmware is crap

Still down, no messages on my app.

We really need local control (via app).

With response to the support ticket pointing to holiday for Chinese Ney Year until 22nd Feb are we going to have no service for days?!?


Not trustworthy, Sonoff Facebook page it says "Holiday Notice: our office will close during 11/02/2018 - 22/02/2018 for Chinese New Year Holiday. During the holiday, we will have technical staff on duty to ensure normal operation of the server and APP".

In reality this is not the case the support ticket is for technical help still says "that they are on (new year) holiday from 11 to 22 Feb".

The App on other hand says little message "Upgrading 1 or 2 hours" from the UK evening time.

Every provided information seems false...  

More than 12 hours past, don't understand where is the technical staff who the Sonoff company left behind to fix the emergency problems?

The lights on my devices have changed from alternating between double and single flashes to being constantly on. They are still uncontrollable in the app, but they now think they are connecting fine. I guess a change does at least suggest they are alive and doing something. Would be nice if they told us.
Slowly my devices are coming back online  I can deal with the odd bit of downtime, but it’s “unexpected downtime” that frustrates me. Like most other people, I would welcome an easy way to host locally so I’m not relying on a cloud-based service.

It seems, that the servers are online. 14 of 15  devices (basic, 4ch, 4chpro, S20, B1) are connected and working fine...

All work good right now in Greece. App ok Sonoff connect ok

switches now connected,app ok but IFTTT service is offline

Only one of two sonoff online again. The new one stills "offline" in the app....

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