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UK down (20.02.2018)

Hello, I dont know if the Sonoff team are aware of this but devices seem to be down in the UK @ time of posting. MOA.

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In Spain we have the same problem

... in Germany too... since about 1 1/2 hours (09:30 UTC-Time)

The same in Slovenija....


Hopefully its because we are finally being migrated to decent servers. Clearly a European server issue. I dont wreckon it will be to long before things are back up and running. Thankfully I installed the wee RF remotes yesterday on the slamphers and Sonoff RF.

On the Facebook page is something of a holiday.Maybe the server is also on vacation.Everything down in Thuringia since 10 o'clock.

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Same here (in UK) whole house lights are down since this morning. Network and every thing is fine, it's Sonoff Server!

I am pretty disappointed about 2 months ago same issue lasted for 2 weeks now again... 

Sonoff need to understand people are relying on these devices and can't afford these server down issues. Also if they don't have foolproof servers then they have to allow the local server options!!!

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The same in Slovak republic... :(

Hi I've just bought 2 switches looks like I'm returning them to Amazon.

If Sonoff devices rely on the cloud they need better servers.


Now there is a hint "we are upgrading servers, please wait for one or two hours" in the ewelink-App...

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Where in the ewelink-App says "we are upgrading servers, please wait for one or two hours" 

I can't seem to find any info...?

Down in Portugal. Please add lan suport ou tel us how to make a home server using original firmware. Also a web browser dashboard is important. Feeling sad.

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Itead Freshdesk have advised me that they are on (new year) holiday from 11 to 22 Feb...

They are a big outfit so probably office staff and production are off but server and IT staff will be skeleton. The apk is saying server updates, usually they would warn us of this though. They need to open these devices up for local network control. This would also lighten the server usage. People will still use cloud when controlling from outside the home. I dont see the beef with this as they are just giving themselves a bad name by not opening this. A good hosting company will offer DDOS protection, some might at a cost. Either way this cant continue every so often. But when their is no downtime they are great equipment

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