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Better Alexa Skill Support

Compared to the App, the skill is far too inadequate. I suggest the following additions/changes to the skill.

(i) Have a "Query [device] status" which would return a vocal on/off status

(ii) Allow setting of timers and schedule through Alexa. eg. "Turn on water heater everyday at 7am for 1 hour" or "Switch off lamp after 10 minutes"

(iii) Allow temperature/humidity based triggers for Sonoff TH modules

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Lots of things they *could* do but the skill doesn't even support eWelink Scenes.


Please add following alexa skills

1. Can Alexa reply/send back the Status of Sonoff  Device ??

a. Example: “Alexa what is the status of my Living room  Light” ON or OFF

2.  Can Alexa Turn a device off after it's been ON for specific time???

a. Example 1: Can alexa set Timer to switch ON or Off a Sonoff Device which can be done thru Ewelink app?

b. Example 2: Can alexa set switch ON or Off based on Temprature sensed by sensor (TH16) that can be done thru Ewelink app?

Haha good luck with that. They promised to add rundown timers to app 2 years ago so sensor like pir could trigger a light for 10 mins. They never added it so asking for it to Alexa would be like asking to add Satnav to a Trabant with a missing wheel.
Yes, I recall they said the timer feature was "coming soon". But like every other promised feature it didn't happen.

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