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Better Alexa Skill Support

Compared to the App, the skill is far too inadequate. I suggest the following additions/changes to the skill.

(i) Have a "Query [device] status" which would return a vocal on/off status

(ii) Allow setting of timers and schedule through Alexa. eg. "Turn on water heater everyday at 7am for 1 hour" or "Switch off lamp after 10 minutes"

(iii) Allow temperature/humidity based triggers for Sonoff TH modules

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Lots of things they *could* do but the skill doesn't even support eWelink Scenes.


Please add following alexa skills

1. Can Alexa reply/send back the Status of Sonoff  Device ??

a. Example: “Alexa what is the status of my Living room  Light” ON or OFF

2.  Can Alexa Turn a device off after it's been ON for specific time???

a. Example 1: Can alexa set Timer to switch ON or Off a Sonoff Device which can be done thru Ewelink app?

b. Example 2: Can alexa set switch ON or Off based on Temprature sensed by sensor (TH16) that can be done thru Ewelink app?

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Haha good luck with that. They promised to add rundown timers to app 2 years ago so sensor like pir could trigger a light for 10 mins. They never added it so asking for it to Alexa would be like asking to add Satnav to a Trabant with a missing wheel.
Yes, I recall they said the timer feature was "coming soon". But like every other promised feature it didn't happen.

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