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Wifi and modem connection problem.Heilp me quickly please

Unfortunately, the product is causing problems in the network after the first connection. My product is sonoff wifi smarth switch. After the first test and service is successful, sometimes after 2 hours and sometimes after 1,2 days the network connection is disconnected. In fact, I am using the huawei 4G Lte usb Modem combined with Asus Dsl-N17u Modem router. Unfortunately, the system is disconnected from the internet connection, I can not access it during this problem and the network remotely. Sonoff is no longer a problem when removed from the system. I think it is a software problem. I can not use the product in this state. Unfortunately I bought 6 of the products. I did not use them at the moment. I want to install more products for the intelligent system I want to install. I'm waiting for your help to solve the problem.
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