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PIR2 constantly sends alerts

I just goy a Sonoff bridge and PIR2, I've set them up on EweLink on an iPhone. The problem I have is that the PIR sends alerts every 3 minutes, regardless of whether there is movement or not - I even covered the PIR with a cloth and it still sends alerts to the bridge.

Is this a hardware problem or a noob error in the setup/settings? Please assist if you can, I posted this to Tech support as well but they are off till next week sometime.

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Banggood reacted very quickly and professionally and have already made a full refund, so I have ordered more of these units.

I'm having the same issue too. The motion sensor triggers by itself even without motion.

Exactly the problem I have, must be a bad batch. I've reported it to the seller but will have to wait until business resumes for resolution.

I have one PIR2 working well.

And the other one reports every few seconds if the jumper is on "test" setting and every 3 minutes when the jumper is on the  "normal" setting.  

Seems a hardware problem? 

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