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PIR2 constantly sends alerts

I just goy a Sonoff bridge and PIR2, I've set them up on EweLink on an iPhone. The problem I have is that the PIR sends alerts every 3 minutes, regardless of whether there is movement or not - I even covered the PIR with a cloth and it still sends alerts to the bridge.

Is this a hardware problem or a noob error in the setup/settings? Please assist if you can, I posted this to Tech support as well but they are off till next week sometime.

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I have one PIR2 working well.

And the other one reports every few seconds if the jumper is on "test" setting and every 3 minutes when the jumper is on the  "normal" setting.  

Seems a hardware problem? 

Exactly the problem I have, must be a bad batch. I've reported it to the seller but will have to wait until business resumes for resolution.

I'm having the same issue too. The motion sensor triggers by itself even without motion.

Banggood reacted very quickly and professionally and have already made a full refund, so I have ordered more of these units.

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