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help needed

i have an rf switch for the light by my back door i use an rf remote to turn it on and off , i would like it to switch its self off after 10 minutes but don't know how to do this . any help would be great. thanks

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That is easy if your switch appears in IFTTT, which I believe it does. IFTTT hasn’t got timers itself, but connect it to that does Basic plan: 1) switch turning on triggers IFTTT 2) IFTTT ‘that’ is a ‘webhook’ to Apilio 3) a Boolean in Apilio changes a condition and this changes a logic block with automatic evaluation on and 10 minute delay. 4) Apilio sends ‘webhook’ after the 10 minutes back to IFTTT as trigger. 5) IFTTT ‘that’ is turning off the Sonoff. You could create something similar with IFTTT and Stringify, but I prefer Apilio. The UI is more complicated, but it is more flexible.

Same problem here.  That solution sounds a bit complicated though!  Is there a simpler approach or a simpler step by step explanation?  

It sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is, but not long ago an alternative was suggested in a thread here: I think you can probably create it within ewelink. Slightly counterintuituvely you use the loop timer without a loop eg. half a loop only, so no loop. The terminology and design in the loop timer is confusing, but I did once follow the instructions in a thread here and it worked. I turned a dehumidifier on manually at a switch and 10 minutes later it went off. It really wasn’t obvious though. Essentially the turning on triggered a loop and then after half a loop it turned off. If there had been the rest of the loop it would have turned back on, but there wasn’t.
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