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Sonoff RF Bridge

Is it possible to turn on your TV using the Sonoff RF Bridge, or actually any of Sonoff's devices?

I specifically refer to Samsung's 55MU7351 Smart TV. 

I would love to be able to switch the TV on through Google Home, and think the cheapest way would be to use Sonoff's RF bridge as an IR blaster to switch on the tv.

Could anyone let me know if this is possible?

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You mean the rf433 bridge of ewelink apps? 4 devices for the bridge and for the ewelink apps, i m not sure. I hv 34.
If you want to control a TV with infrared remote you'll need to use a product like a Broadlink RM Mini which does only infrared or a Broadlink RM Pro which has both iR and RF. There are other similar products. It's the easiest way until Itead brings out such a device.
Can I add more than 1 rf bridge to the ewelink app? I'm thinking of using them for an alarm system but need more than 4 door switches/pir sensors.
Yes, u can. I hv 4 bridge

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