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Sonoff RF Bridge

Is it possible to turn on your TV using the Sonoff RF Bridge, or actually any of Sonoff's devices?

I specifically refer to Samsung's 55MU7351 Smart TV. 

I would love to be able to switch the TV on through Google Home, and think the cheapest way would be to use Sonoff's RF bridge as an IR blaster to switch on the tv.

Could anyone let me know if this is possible?

the bridge hasn't got IR has it ?

Ah wow, what a noob.. haha thanx!
I use an RF socket to do exactly that. The Sonoff bridge duplicates the socket's 433MHz signal signal to switch on a bank of AV stuff. As long as your TV powers on in it's last power state (don't know about Samsung but my Panasonic TV and Yamaha amp do) then it works well.


I'm hijacking the thread - but how many PIRs and DWs can one add to this?

I see a 4 rows of 4 or something?

Does that mean ... 4 ?

Why the other 4 ?

You can add 4 blocks of remote switches in blocks of 1-4 (so, up to 16 switches per bridge) but you can only add 1 alarm to a block (so max 4 alarms per bridge). Daft but true.

There is no difference between a light switch and a PIR as far as the bridge is concerned, it's just a 433MHz ping. The difference is only how the (stupid) ewelink software responds to it.

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My RF bridge won’t learn my RF remote

I have RF remote 433,92 MHz. 
If Sonoff bridge will work with it?

I also have a Bridge and it won’t pair with 433.92 devices. Like so many other sonoff users, who love the Sonoff switches, I find this very product useless.

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