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Using Sonoff 4 button remotes to trigger scenes?

Hi I have the sonoff RF Bridge and 4 of your 4 button remotes. At present if I want the remotes to trigger a scene in eWelink to control Wi-Fi sonoff switches then I have to configure each remote as an alarm in the RF Bridge. This means I can only have 4 buttons in total controlling scenes. Could remote control buttons be made to control scenes rather than just alarms controlling scenes? That way I would be able to have 16 scenes that I controlled from RF remotes. I am doing this because I have a switch that I want to control both on and off by any one of four remotes for different family members. The reason is it is an outside light we wish to control as we drive towards it and using the phone to do it is illegal in the UK.

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This is VERY need function! Please, release this.

Very dissapointed after finding that I cant add a button and make it turn off a bridge with a scene.

I just purchased the RF Bridge and the RM433 remote absolutely ASSUMING I could do such a SIMPLE and USEFUL thing as triggering a scene with a button push.  Sonoff product management can't possibly read these threads - they seem only for users to help one another.  MAKE THIS FUNCTION AVAILABLE AND I WILL CONTINUE TO BUY YOUR PRODUCTS.  IF NOT, I WON'T - also SIMPLE.

I don't understand the function of remote control in bridge. I thought also that I could trigger a scene.

An RF remote button press can be configured within the RF Bridge as a) a button or b) an alarm.  A scene can be triggered by that alarm (RF input) but NOT by something configured as a button (also RF input)???  And if you define four-button remotes you can have 16 total buttons but if you define alarms you can have only 4 of them???    The only explanations are a) itead doesn't allocate enough resources to software development (which I don't believe given their frequent updates to firmware) or b) itead doesn't want the user to have an inexpensive way to add on/off switches to their system - they want you to buy their more expensive and dedicated (and much less flexible) wifi wall switches.

Come on itead - let us have the flexibility to define our systems the way we want them, stop deliberately limiting the functionality or you'll quickly lose market share.

You can add 16 devices in bridge (since a few months)
Thank you Mauricio - didn’t know that and it helps (though extremely hacky to do it via alarms, and still can’t trigger anything in IFTTT). Cheers

Mauricio how did you add 16 devices in bridge ? I tried just now and the limit is 4 devices !!!!!!!!!

The device firmware updated and then I could add more than 4. Not tried again recently.

could you please explain how did you update the firmware ? thank you

See screenshot

I had the 3.3.0 also but the app says to me that the limit of 4 is reached !

Maybe they removed the feature... I'll try in a few hours

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thank you


First to clarify something:

The Sonoff Bridge can learn remotes (1 to 4 buttons) but only for sending these codes OUT! This means that you could replace your existing RF remote (ex. TV or AC) with your smartphone.

If you want to use Sonoff physical RF remotes you must learn each button as ALARM.

Since the last firmware update (3.3.0) you can learn 16 alarms.

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