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servers playing up again

unable to add a device to my account says offline all the time.  garbage support as usual.


So I see you have found the Sonoff "Smart Home" forum

In the Smart Home forum, there is an FAQ thread in the Announcement section.

Read the FAQ to see how to get support.

Posting in the Smart Home forum is a statement from you (a Sonoff community member) to other members of the Sonoff Community.  It is not an ask for support.  The FAQs will tell you how to make an ask for support.  And yes, I presume you will need to wait for support to come back from their Holidays: As noted on the website, Chinese New Year is from Feb 11 to Feb 22 inclusive, so they will be back from Holiday on the 23rd.

However, your issue can generally be solved via FAQs and manual without the need for an actual support staff member.

Server issues is not the norm.  There are indeed  postings from people that do not read the manual.  There once was a real server issue a few months ago that effected on region of global on only the Amazon AWS service, but again far from being able to classify it as the norm.  Amazon has since rectified their issue that caused the problem.

Depending where you purchased your devices from makes a difference.  When purchased direct from Itead via the website, you can be guaranteed they are New in Box and never before registered.  When you purchase from somewhere else, you can not be guaranteed this New in Box and never registered.  If a device is already associated to another users account, then in this case you will need support staff to fix for you.

Your claim of 5 million times can not be believed, it would not only place your initial attempt before the Sonoff devices were even first created, but such erodes the credibility of any other statement you then make.

Sonoff indeed does not point to Nextion.

System is not garbage as you claim.  But asking in the correct place (and not public forum) indeed needs be first step to getting proper support.  Like putting a note on a bulletin board in a marketplace and avoiding the service desk all together.  Sorry, go to the Service Desk as indicated in the FAQs.
The system may not be garbage, but support certainly is. It consists of not reading what you’ve written, copy and pasting lists of fruitless instructions and then disappearing.