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IFTTT Sonoff B1 dim or change colour of lights


Please can we get more <recipes> in IFTTT for the eWeLink integration to control the Sonoff B1 lights?

If the team is too busy, why not consider open sourcing some of the IFTTT integration so we can contribute (I am a software engineer myself).


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not recipes, rather triggers

I would agree, but imagine they will have security concerns about making available a public cloud API for tinkerers like us. When the IFTTT failed in January they promised local control and posted a YouTube video…possibly a local only API would tempt them more…

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I just got one to play with. Can someone tell me how much time it takes to change color in the party scene? Mine stays one color for a long time.
Are you sure they change colour in the party scene? When I read the instructions it sounded like they had a distinct ‘party’ colour. I never use them. I did think you might be able to select one as a ‘scene’: that could have been a useful way of communicating something else, but they only seem to have on and off.
Left it on last night in party mode It was light blue, this morning it was red. I don't know I will play with it more later. Really wish IFTTT had trigger This way the light can be used as a signal for something And if they every partner with stringify the possibilities are endless.
I use with IFTTT and have looked at Stringify; is there anything it can do Apilio can’t and how do they make money? Apilio can do multiple conditions, timers, multiple actions etc. it isn’t as slick looking as stringify looks, but I couldn’t see a reason to switch. I haven’t spotted anything with any sonoff that has more than on/off connected to IFTTT. I do wonder if their plans are to expand it, as it does seem really basic.
So I signed up to Stringify, whereas previously I had just looked at the website. People have mentioned it quite a lot. A couple of things struck me 1) I can’t see how to make a NOT 2) I use apilio to store numbers and strings of characters. I can’t see how to do that in Stringify 3) the timers in Stringify allow ‘only if’ at the end of their run. That is potentially useful, depending on the implementation. Overall, I think Stringify and Apilio, do roughly the same thing, but one is from an international conglomerate and slick whereas the other will appeal to tinkerers more.

Are you able to dim with, or is this a bit off-topic?

Apilio, just uses IFTTT so can only do things that IFTTT can do. You could potentially parse a command and extract a value, store it as a numeric variable and send it to a recipient, but unless the recipient accepts values it is pointless. You can send numeric values to Nest Thermostats for example. I actually have multiple simultaneous thermostat timetables, which are active/inactive depending on who is staying - IFTTT then just tracks the active timetable. With any IFTTT command you can send three variables and Apilio lets you send any of its stored values if you put it in double squiggly brackets. It really would be up to Itead. Similarly it could do colours/warmth, as it can store strings of characters, but there is nothing you can do with them if that feature isn’t made available to IFTTT

Do Itead employees check these feature requests? Would like to know if any of these features are available or hopefully at least planned in the future

I guess we see. I’m not aware they do.
I wish ITEAD adds more triggers for sonoff B1 on IFTTT as well As you said, the whole potential would be released if all actions, colours, dimming, where available as IFTTT triggers. This lack of features makes me think in flashing it with a custom firmware. It is a pity.
MQTT control in a firmware update would do it! Unfortunately Sonoff claims and misleads that it's MQTT and COAP enabled, but it's not, kinda defrauding customers. As u need to hack the device with solder and drop in new other firmware like Tasmota to make it MQTT compatible, then control it with like OpenHab, which then kills eWeLink control altogether. Pros and cons. But you would get the best of both worlds if MQTT is configurable on the Sonoff via eWeLink. The community have already done the hard work with Tasmota firmware. Sonoff should just enable that in thier firmware update.
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