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Australian Compliance.

Hi there, Just wondering if anyone knows if itead is currently in motion to getting sonoff gear it's Australian certification ? Thanks

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Wondering the same - do you know if its even in the works.


You have a market in Australia that requires this approval to use your Sonoff products.  Please advise if there is any intention to register in Australia.

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Bump! for NZ Compliance

Bump +1 for New Zealand (Australia and NZ share compliance standards in this area, so you can certify for two countries at once). Does this forum get visited by Sonoff staff at all? From looking around here I am not seeing any feature requests get acted on, or replies to info requests like this from any Sonoff people. Just wondering if there is a better way to get our voices heard?

Some of their products have been certified. 

However I believe it is up to the importer to ensure the equipment is electrically safe and complies with the necessary standards. 

Their Certificate is not for the light switches, only TH16, TH10, Dual and POW This is only for items imported by Oikotec

Hi, Is there any update on Australian NZ ASNZ3000 compliance for these Sonoff  Products? Mainly the Sonoff  Mini?  I am an electrician, that likes your products and want to install in my clients homes....however I need to check your compliance before doing so.  

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