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IFTTT trigger to run eWeLink scene

I am trying to make a scene run in eWeLink that is triggered by an IFTTT applet.

The scene will run without any issues when controlled by alexa or manual button press in the eWeLink app.

But the scene will not run when the trigger comes from IFTTT. The first sonoff switch activates from the IFTTT command with no problem, but the scene does not trigger the other devices.

Any help appreciated

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I’m keen to also find a solution to this. The Scene facility only appears to execute when the Master Device is switched from the App. When the Master Device is triggered by IFTTT the Scene facility does not execute.

I was anticipating poor IFTTT integration by looking at the triggers beforehand and hoping to get around this by creating a scene for when an alarm is triggered, such that it turns a switch on, and this device being switched acts as the trigger. unfortunately does not work and does not trigger IFTTT so, as I see it, there is no way for say a PIR or a door switch or an RF button to act as an IFTTT trigger. 

I'm relieved I only bought the minimum items required to see the lack of functionality and didn't guess everything would work as expected and buy all I wanted. Without alarms being activated acting as triggers, or scenes being activated acting as triggers, as is so with some other solutions, then I don't think I'll be using sonoff products in the future. This provided software is way too restrictive when being open was a perception I had that led me to buy sonoff stuff instead of smartlife, smartthings, or broadlink in the first place. 

I have the same problem. Logged multiple tickets and still no response / resolution......very annoying / disappointing

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