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Blind window control like Sonoff T1 EU 2 Gang 90º rotate

Hi, it's possible to make a new product or adapt a special firmware to Sonoff T1 EU 2 gang to control a blind windows open and close ? 

The preference is a special control off the 2 output's.

The design can be similar to a Sonoff T1 EU 2 gang, but rotate 90º right or left to be similar to a 2 touch switch, UP and DOWN.

Probably many user's want this too.

Think that.

Best regard's.

Filipe TOmás

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And also, a 3 gang.

Thanks a lot Itead for your devices

Like the idea, it can just be a software fix to implement interlocking. Think that will do the trick.  For 2 gangs it will allow to control up/down. For 3 gang it will allow to use it for up/down and stop.

For other readers, please like the idea to give visibility of the need to ITEAD

Good idea Filipe !

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