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Clock and multiple scene triggers

Would like to see a clock, either physical or virtual that we can use within scenes as well as the ability to set more than 1 device as the trigger for a scene.

Obviously a clock would be very useful but multiple triggers makes scenes a whole lot more useable.

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I am trying to develop the same combinational functionality as you and have used AND gating but haven't found anything about power and thermo devices.  I will be watching for responses to your request. Meanwhile, I continue To use the  Schneider Zelio PLCs.

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Hi Tim, you've used "and" with Sonoff? How did you do that?

I have used AND with IFTTT with Mobile Alerts and Zelio.   I would like to move to Sonoff but can't find the functions I need.   Sorry I can't help - yet !


I've got a couple of simple applets setup in IFTTT but didn't realise you could do "and" is that though the maker channel? Always thought it was too simplistic just being 1 thing triggers 1 other thing. I use stringify, which I like as you can do "and, or" etc n both trigger and action but they don't support sonoff
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