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Amazon echo skill support in Australia

Hi Team AMAZON echo has recently been introduced to Australia and I was forced to change my account language to english Australia and now the ewelink skills are no longer available. It was working perfectly with all my s20 and s22 previously when my account was configured as english us. Is there an ETA on when this skill will available again or is there a workaround to continue controlling my sonoff devices with alexa? Thanks


I have the same problem the Alexa app forces me to change my Language to English (Australia) and now the ewelink skill is not available anymore.

Please fix this as it was really useful and I will have to move to google home otherwise.



I'm having the same issue with my ewelink devices. I'm about to buy the Echo Dot. When will the ewelink skill be available for Australia Alexia users,?

I have reported the same issue. They have confirmed that this skill is not available for AU region as of now and they would be rolling it out 'in near future'' , but they did not say when ... :(

They say ' it was submitted and under checking'. 

Ok Itead we really need the AUSTRALIAN skill available My entire house is now wired with your devices Can you please provide a date when the AUSTRALIA skill will be available?
The ewelink smart home fan skill popped up in the au Amazon skill see attached. Although on their website it states not eligible, I was able to add it using my au Alexa app Im now able control both sonoff s20 and s22 smart plugs through my echo. Give it a try.

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Yes it is available and works with no problem. Thankyou !!!!
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